Thursday, January 11, 2007

When vs. If

We are preparing for when vs. if. It seems to be the best way to
handle the possiblity of a redeployment. Some say it's premature to
begin to worry but it's not them who are having to deal with it. So,
kindly keep all negative words and comments away from me and my
family. You do what you have to do, we'll do what we have to do.

Hubs has an active duty friend who has heard that the brigade will be
called. Yes, it's still kind of early. Yes, it's still speculation.
Unfortunately, too many rumors that fly like that tend to end up
truths. Besides, it was leaked several months back to all the
newspapers and the higher ups back pedaled to try and dispel it. It
doesn't get leaked if it hasn't been talked about.

New weapons arrived at the armory this week. Budget empty for new
uniforms but shiny new weapons arrived.

I will pray and I will pray hard.

God keep them in your hands and give them the strength, courage and
knowledge to take care of one another to finish their task and come
home safe. All of them.

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Jes said...

Man.... I share your worry. Sometimes worrying about something is more like early grieving or early separation preparation. It's normal. Staying in the present is harder, but rewarding. My guy is reserve too. He was regular Army then went reserve afterward.
He was gone to the sand for a year to Camp Falcon. It was sort of romantic to write back and forth and to worry, but then there were black outs when someone was injured, etc. When the phone lines and the email went down, I knew something was up. He got hurt, he's back and we are working through everything now.
WIth that said, I grew so much as a person and my family grew too. I'd say my strength, love and resilience grew. I feel for you and will keep checking back with you. Be good to each other.
I'm at Anyway, hold your chin up and hug your family! Jes