Tuesday, January 30, 2007

All things borrowed...

I'm borrowing this post...I was over at HH6's blog reading this post and I couldn't help but giggle. Baby Girl is only two but and can't shout out with the "I needs...", per say. I hear "Mommy" so many times a day that sometimes I wish I could change my name. Sgt. doesn't tell me that he needs something until it's the last hour of the last day and there are no options open. I've worked for ten years trying to change that but I swear it's embedded in the Y chromosome.

The first thing that hit home was missing socks. I'd love to hear the answer to the age old question but I just don't think anyone really, really knows. When BG was first home I used to pin her socks together so we'd always have a pair but then sometimes the pins would rust and left marks. I then used a lingerie bag to put them in but to be quite honest, I think it's easier to buy new socks than it is to keep up with the existing ones, at least at the Sgt. L household. BG probably has 30 pair of socks with less than half of them having mates. Long ago I started trying to buy all socks that matched so there would be no confusion as to what its mate should look like. The only problem with that is manufacturers change it just enough they don't look alike when you buy more and Heaven help Sgt. if he tries to match socks. I can't tell you the number of days I've had one black and one blue until I see it under the flourescent lighting in my office. My assistant pointed it out one day and the only thing I could think of was that I have another pair just like them at home.

What also hit home was about needing money for school. While BG is only two, she goes to a private school that goes from daycare through 12th grade. When she first started going to this school, she was in the baby class because we started after the school year ended and they lumped all little, little kids together. In August she moved up to the beginning toddler class and we got a notice for school pictures. Yes, even the babies and toddlers are in the yearbook. In the same month we got the stuff for a magazine drive. BG sold 9 magazines, half of which come to our house. Her prize: 2 suckers. She's the only one in her class who sold any at all because I thought it was the thing to do. In September they sold doughnuts. I did buy a dozen for my office because we love to live on the sugar edge. October was another fundraiser selling miscellaneous stuff. November they pushed for donations for Operation Christmas Child, which we do through our church, and had Christmas pictures plus selling candy bars. December they were pimping doughnuts again to raise money for a bonus for the teachers and, again, I bought a dozen for my office. Aside from the fundraiser for the teacher bonuses, the rest of the fundraisers went to the bus fund. Here's the thing: I pay her tuition/fees; she doesn't attend on charity. I can't keep supporting the bus thing because we live 25 miles from her school and they don't go that way. While I understand them being private, my purse clinches tight every time a new month rolls around. Sgt. and I are better off making a donation to the school/church so we can at least have a tax deduction. My hips and thighs will be better off, too.

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HH6 said...

I don't know how many times a day I threaten to change my name and not tell them what it is. I remember waiting and waiting for each of them to say MOMMY, now I tell them I shall no longer respond to it!

My oldest will call me by my first name, I roll my eyes at her and don't respond to that either.....she laughs and just continues to harass me. There is no rest for the weary mother.....and the "Mom I need..." will never stop...it will haunt you for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! :D

Enjoyed your rendition of it!