Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Other digs

Here's the skinny... When I started this blog, it was going to be a way for me to be able to blog about deployment and "stuff" while maintaining some semblance of anonymity. I've blogged for several years and have decided that I simply can't maintain two blogs...especially when this one goes for moons without being posted to. So, I invite those of you, who would like, to join me over at Life As I Know It. It's where I blog about what I do best...survive.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tell Him I Said Thanks

I was going to run errands at lunch today, but I didn't want to drive as far as I needed to go. I work in a really small town and the closet W@l-M@rt takes me 17 minutes to get to and 17 minutes back leaving very little time for shopping unless I have a detailed list, which I didn't. I needed to mail Soldier Easter cards (yes, I know they're pushing the time to get there) and I needed gas so I picked up a couple of things locally instead.

I have two decals on my car: Sgt stripes and OIF plus I have a new yellow ribbon magnet. It reads, "Proud Wife of a Soldier." I can tell when people are trying to read it because they inch up on my bumper. Today, at the burger house drive through, it was no different. As I rounded the corner after placing my order, I noticed the gentleman behind me. He had on a navy blue cap with lots of gold lettering down the side, which is indicative of a veteran's cap. I couldn't read it, but then I noticed the base sticker on his windshield. I had already paid for my lunch, but I rolled down my window again and told the drive through lady I wanted to pay for the gentleman's lunch in the truck behind me. Her mouth gaped and I explained to her I saw his base sticker and his cap and I could only assume he is military and I'm a Soldier's wife. It was the least I could do. Only thing I asked of her was, "just tell him I said thanks." She teared up and reminded me God would bless me. I told her he already has. As BG announces before a meal, "bon appetit, Soldier boy."

Long Time...No Post

Excuse? I can come up with a million. There has been so much happening at Chateau L over the past couple of months.

January...we all had the crud and it was severe! BG turned 3 mid-January and we had to reschedule her party because of bad weather. I don't wish on my worst enemy hyping a party only to have to cancel it because of snow and ice. There isn't a 3 year old in the world who understands why no "happy party" after we've hyped, bought goods and prepared until our fingers bled. We had it in February. Delightful turn out. On the twisted side, I had an extra month of negotiating power with the threat of not having it at all. This year we asked for $10 phone cards to send to our deployed soldiers in lieu of gifts. Remember, BG's birthday is 18 days after Christmas and she got PLENTY then. Some of our friends totally ignored the request and showed up with gifts that there is no way will get played with. Same deal as last year. I know their intentions are good, but please, please, please respect a momma's wish. We did get 12 phone cards and $30 to help in shipping care packages. Just so it's clear, BG got lots of prezzies from us and others, so it wasn't like she was neglected by my request. Those of you who have children, know the masses of stuff that accumulates. I rented out a room at our local aquatic center, which was the best choice ever. For "entertainment," because we only had 1 1/2 hours, the kids colored pictures for us to send to our soldiers. It was a good time.

Aside from being busy, February came and went without too much of a problem; just usual craziness. Sgt. had two drills in February because they are doing their pre-deployment stuff and he didn't want to take time off from work. Worked out pretty well, I guess. He moved through with flying colors and of course all is well with him. "Word" has been spread and they are gearing up. He has his 3 week AT coming up and then they are supposed to have another one in November. They will be mobilized.

I am as unorganized as the day is long, but I'm a planner. We have all the "planning" done for this deployment, with one change that needs to be made to our wills . Even the morbid stuff is done. After attending the CPL's funeral in December, I decided immediately I wouldn't want that to fall on my shoulders or anyone else's during my grieving time in the event something should happen to Sgt. My civilian friends shudder at those words. It's a part of our life. It's our reality. We accept it. I explain to them it's no different than them drawing up their wills or picking out plots; I just added another step to it. They could need theirs before I do, but I'm ready. Only God knows. Anyway, I digress.

During one of our chats, vacation came up. We typically don't take much of one, but this year Sgt. said we needed to go somewhere with BG before he deployed. Okay. Where? Folks, we are dumping our life savings and heading to the World of Disney! There's nothing greater than Cinderella and the rest of the Disney crew to make a 3 year old's life just peachy keen. Our thrill be in the wonder of her. We have a timeshare we bought several years ago for dirt cheap, so we are using it and that means $0 for a place to stay. We've decided to drive instead of fly. However, that is today, could very well change by then. It is going to be about a 9 hour drive and by the time I figure in arriving at the airport early, baggage claim, waiting in line for rental car, etc., it's only another 2 hours and I'll save the $800 on airfare. We are planning on stopping in two of our favorite cities - one on the way down and one on the way back. We will be traveling over a holiday weekend so airport times are going to be massive. Military gets in free to Sea World and Disney has discounted (but still over priced) tickets. By the way, if I've never mentioned it, I'm a budgeter and I love, love, love to save money, but, then again, who doesn't? I'm not really all that great at budgeting, but I can save some money. BG has new Cinderella panties in preparation for our trip, which is in August! Who was I to deny her the glittery pleasure. I did buy the next size up because she seems to be going through a growth spurt and those suckers cost a small fortune!

Now for a little bit of a vent....

I had my haircut last week and M asked me about Sgt's deployment. I told her our time line, blah, blah, blah. She took that breath with a sigh - you all know the one - and she got ready to go off on a tangent about the war in Iraq. I knew it was coming because I've been in that same chair and had the same conversation just about every 7 weeks for the past year. (I've been going to her for almost 4 years, but it's only been a year that we've been preparing for word of Iraq, part deux) This was coming, "Maybe it will end before he has to go." I interrupted her to cut her off at the political pass.

It's funny the opinions I hear on the war and everyone's hate of it. I'm not saying I support it, I'm not saying I don't. I'm simply saying that Sgt. has a job to do, whatever it is, and, when he is called, he will report and do a good job. They all will. No different than going to work any other day of the week except he won't be in City, he'll be in Iraq. And if I hear one more time, "maybe it will be over and he won't have to go," I'm going to scream. It's just like telling someone who is adopting, "now that you are adopting, you'll get pregnant."
I was not harsh, simply matter of fact and it got my point across. Oh, by the way, she was one of the ones who threw out the pregnant comment when we were adopting, which is why I included it.

My story is the same today as it has been. I'm the proud wife of a Soldier. My Soldier is a proud member of the National Guard. My Soldier and I stand united and we will do what is asked of us.

I hope you all are well...