Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tell Him I Said Thanks

I was going to run errands at lunch today, but I didn't want to drive as far as I needed to go. I work in a really small town and the closet W@l-M@rt takes me 17 minutes to get to and 17 minutes back leaving very little time for shopping unless I have a detailed list, which I didn't. I needed to mail Soldier Easter cards (yes, I know they're pushing the time to get there) and I needed gas so I picked up a couple of things locally instead.

I have two decals on my car: Sgt stripes and OIF plus I have a new yellow ribbon magnet. It reads, "Proud Wife of a Soldier." I can tell when people are trying to read it because they inch up on my bumper. Today, at the burger house drive through, it was no different. As I rounded the corner after placing my order, I noticed the gentleman behind me. He had on a navy blue cap with lots of gold lettering down the side, which is indicative of a veteran's cap. I couldn't read it, but then I noticed the base sticker on his windshield. I had already paid for my lunch, but I rolled down my window again and told the drive through lady I wanted to pay for the gentleman's lunch in the truck behind me. Her mouth gaped and I explained to her I saw his base sticker and his cap and I could only assume he is military and I'm a Soldier's wife. It was the least I could do. Only thing I asked of her was, "just tell him I said thanks." She teared up and reminded me God would bless me. I told her he already has. As BG announces before a meal, "bon appetit, Soldier boy."

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