Monday, January 29, 2007

Tidbits about Me

1. I always put my left shoe on first but take my right one off first. Same with my pants.
2. The cans in my pantry are by color and type with one shelf for miscellaneous stuff.
3. All the hangers in our house are white plastic.
4. My sock drawer has been in the same location my entire life and it shook me up when Sgt. moved it.(upper right drawer of dresser and he moved it to middle left).
5. When we go to the big mall, we always park at the same store because there's always a lot of parking available and we go through the store into the mall and to the right. The last time we went, Sgt. wanted to start on the left side and it took a LONG time for me to adjust to it. (It loops around and it's 3 miles inside).
6. I love hot fudge brownie sundaes, sans the nuts.
7. I love cheese and most things cheese.
8. I don't like milk but I have to have it in my cereal but I drain the spoon for every bite.
9. I'm hooked on Cheez-Its right now.
10. I don't like tomatoes in their raw form. I will eat them in soups, chili, spaghetti sauce, etc. but not raw. I wish I did like them. In the south everyone eats tomato sandwiches in the summer and I've always wanted to but...
11. I don't like mayonnaise, which would make it hard to have the tomato sandwich. I will eat it in potato salad and the such but never on a sandwich.
12. My career is no where near what my college degree is in.
13. I'm an insomniac.
14. Weight Watchers worked for me but I'm a drop out. I've been starting over on Monday for almost 6 months now.
15. I had my tonsils out in May '06 to help with throat infections and sinus surgery so I could breath. Since then I've had 8 throat illnesses and I still can't breathe. Plus, the doctor cut my
epiglottis in half so I can't say "L" words without sounding like I have a speech impediment.
16. I own 8 pair of black pants. Oprah says they're slimming so I figure if I can't be slim, I might as well give the illusion of it.
17. I love 80s music. B0n J0vi rocks! I love the feather bangs and his too-tight pants.
18. I'm a t-shirt ho and have one from just about everywhere I've been plus the one from Iraq Sgt. bought me.
19. I can't stand it when you tell someone thank you and they reply with "Uh, huh" instead of "you're welcome."
20. I only eat red Popsicles and jello. I used to only eat red Starburst and suckers but I will eat all colors of Starburst and venture out for an apple Bl0w P0p.
21. I have no tattoos.
22. I love cookbooks and read them cover to cover like most people read a novel.
23. I'm in the process of writing a cookbook as a fundraiser with part of the proceeds going to support our troops through various organizations. Check back for details.
24. I love the beach even though I'm so pale I could glow in the dark. I went to college in a beach town and we used to schedule our classes around the sun. Ever since college I wear minimum of SPF30 and a hat. I don't have any wrinkles.
25. I decorate cakes.
26. I like fine point pens and prefer black ink over blue.
27. Being a mom is the greatest experience of my life.
28. When I eat a sandwich, the mustard has to be in a clockwise swirl starting from the center working out. Sgt. doesn't believe that I would know when he does it backwards but he doesn't stray from it.
29. I've only traveled outside of the United States one time and never again will I fly cattle class for a flight that long.
30. My favorite color changes a lot.
31. I've never been on a cruise but I've made Sgt. promise he'll take me on one after he gets back from Iraq this time. If he doesn't have to deploy I still want to go.
32. I hate emptying the dishwasher. I'd much rather load it.
33. Except for when Sgt. isn't home, I never: wash my own car, mow the yard, take the trash out, feed the dog. When he is gone my car goes through the automatic car wash and I have someone come and do the yard. I do feed the dog and get the trash out to the street on trash day.
34. I very seldom wear a jacket and don't think I own anything that would be classified as a coat. It's a small sidewalk jaunt to the car, I have an hour commute to work and about 20 steps into my building so I don't really need one because I'm always inside. Besides, I'm super duper hot natured and think the perfect weather is sunny and 62. However, I do wish I had one today. It's 21* with 20mph winds. It was cold pumping gas, which is something I used to not do until I started commuting 88 miles round trip per day. Sgt. will still usually take it and fill it up on the weekends.
35. I take my shoes off as soon as I walk in the door and never wear them inside our house - not even slippers. I take my jewelry off second.
36. I can't stand to hear people suck their teeth.
37. I never ate an omelet until 1999 while we were at Disney World. I can't seem to make them and flip them in half so we have "egg mountain" at my house.
38. I remember my very first phone number.
39. I don't like dark beer, red beer or beer in green bottles. I don't really care for restaurant microbrew, either.
40. I only have 8 pictures hanging on the walls in our house. I have a phobia about holes in the wall. I have lots to hang and even special hooks that leave teensy tinsy holes but can't bring myself to do it.
41. I love the smell of ocean air.

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