Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This is probably us.

Read about it here. We've known it's coming. Training has shifted gears for it. New tanks arrived months ago and Sgt. has a "new" job. We've heard the rumors of it for some time. Timeline had been laid out, as best it could be. Supply requisitions are getting approved left and right and it's not just because the budget is busting with funds; Supply Sgt. says it's never been this easy to get money for stuff. It's being rumored to throw in an extra drill or two a month because when they started their special training it threw their regular training off so now they'll be a year behind in that. We've ridden the roller coaster enough to know it can change in the blink of an eye. However, nothing ever eases the pit in the bottom of your stomach to hear orders to a war zone are on the way. Rumor or feels the same.

I'm a proactive girl...The boots are bought. Cold weather gear has been beefed up. Hot weather gear has been beefed up. Boonie hats bought. Socks ordered. Goggles...well, I'm still choking on the price of those. Holy crap. Don't know why I pretend I'm surprised, I choked the last time I bought them, too. Sgt. always asks when he will get the "good stuff" to eat like I send to our soldiers. I tell him when your boots hit the sand so in the meantime, enjoy that pear. I'll be adding another box of Oreos to my cart at Costco like we thought, I suppose.

Yes, it's still early. Yes, I know it can change. Yes, we'll be strong. Yes, we'll do what we have to do. Yes, I bought Sgt. a new chain for his chainsaw because his honey-do list will only grow between now and next summer and right now getting rid of trees for the holy grail of swing sets to be put up is at the top of his list. Heh. No, he does not outrank me. Thinks he does but gals we know that's not true.

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