Thursday, September 27, 2007

Care Packages Galore

We are in full support mode with Soldiers' Angels and care packages are flying out of Chateau Sgt. L left and right. BG has become quite the little helper when it comes to putting the bags together. We did about 200 goody bags while the inlaws were here. BG packaged about 1/3 of the bags. She was a little rough on the NutriGrain bars but hey, they can lick 'em off the wrapper, right? By the way, her car is in the living room because she won't drive it outside. This day it was ready to go to "Tah-get" in case we needed more soldier stuff.

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

"Me Help! Me Help!"

One blue, one green, one yellow...

1 comment:

loquita said...

Aw, BG, what a little cutie!

And it's awesome that you're so dedicated to doing your care packages. After reading about you and a lot of other milspouses who do volunteer work, I have started working on crocheting a blanket for Soldier's Angels Blankets of Hope. :)