Saturday, May 26, 2007


Memorial Day is celebrated by different people in different ways and its meaning holds just as many differences. To some it's a day off from work. To some it's a chance for sales. To many of us it's a day of honor and rememberance; remembering those who died while defending our Nation and its values.

As Memorial Day approaches us, the Sgt. L. family will remember those who have helped to attain our country's honor and those who lost their lives defending it. As a spouse, I humbly thank all those who have served with our family over the years and those who continue to serve our Nation. As I've said before, our family extends past the four walls of our home and blood relatives. Our family includes our brothers and sisters in uniform as well as their families.

I ask that everyone take just a moment to step back from the potato salad and flag football games and before you head out in search of the best deals to remember what Memorial Day is about. Without the sacrifice of so many, our lives would not be what they are today.


Cat is my copilot said...

Absolutely. It is completely possible to have a great weekend with family and friends and bbqs while honoring the meaning of Memorial Day and remembering our Fallen Heroes. I just wished more did it that way.

Thank you!

Flag Gazer said...

Great post!
So true what you said about your extended family! I have one of those, too.

Thanks for visiting my place.