Friday, February 23, 2007

Crappy Weeks

It's been a pair of weeks from hell. Last Monday it started off with me walking out of the house with BG and her cup pulling the door closed behind me. The problem? My keys were on the other side of the door. Sgt. was working 2 hours away and we don't trust our neighborhood to leave a key as these are the neighbors who stole food from our freezer on the back porch. (I swear it's not as ghetto as it sounds) I started sleuthing around and found one window the lock wasn't 100% locked and started working to get it open so I could climb in. As I tried to raise the window, the window came out of the track. Sweet craftsmanship we have on our home. (Our builder didn't even build his own house and is now doing landscaping). Got to work late and my assistant was out sick for 2 days. I started a software conversion the week before and spent every day on the phone with tech support trying to get it to work. Still won't work like it's supposed to and next week will be spent setting up a new server in my office to run this beastly software. Valentine's day came and went along with a manic episode of PMS and tears to flood the state. This week Sgt. has been sick, I've been sick and anything that has and can go wrong has. This morning a guy pulled up next to me at a stop light and told me, "Ma'am. Ma'am. You're dragging a purse on the other side of your car." Sh*t. I pull into a parking lot and sure enough, my purse had apparently fallen out of the car, I closed the handles in the door and it has a severe case of road rash. I must have passed 100 cars from the time I left the house this morning until this guy got the highlight of his day and was gracious enough to tell me. Nothing fell out. Nothing gone. One more purse for the handbag graveyard. I got to work this morning and found out I forgot to order some components on Wednesday and the plant will run out today. We just happen to have our vendor rep coming for a visit and he is bringing some. I must admit when I heard over the radio system a truck that had been loaded this morning pulled off the dock without his load locked and pulled out of our yard with the doors open, I secretly hoped his load would shift so somebody else could have a bad day.

I normally don't like Fridays because they are two days closer to Monday so Wednesdays are my days of choice as they are two days from the weekend. However, over the past few weeks, I've been longing for them. It's not pessimistic, it's my coping mechanism.

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